Care for your ceramics

All ceramic pieces are made by Tessy Mettes by hand in her ceramic studio at the Nieuwe Gouw in Amsterdam. Because all items are handmade every product is unique.

How do you take care of your pieces?

Hand wash vs dishwasher
My ceramics are high fired meaning that it is fine to put them in the dishwasher. However the glaze may get dull over time. To keep your ceramics more beautiful it is better to wash them by hand.

The pieces will most likely be fine in the microwave. However I didn’t test a range of microwaves so my recommendations is to avoid putting them in the microwave. Items with gold luster or bronze glaze are not safe in the microwave.

Oven Use
Please put your ceramics in the oven when preheating. This helps the piece to get used to the heat and will avoid a thermal shock.
Raku ceramic
Raku Ceramic is more fragile than stoneware. This fire technic is fired to 1000 ˚C and because of the craquelé it is more fragile. I advise you to wash this item only by hand and do not use it in the oven.